Education Revolution Exam Questions

Education Revolution Exam Questions

Final Exam Questions


You will answer ONE of the following questions…Why did affirmative action become so controversial in the 1990s? How did affirmative action in the workplace differ from affirmative action in education?

How did the Rodney King case illuminate the differences between how black and white Americans saw the police and the justice system?

To what extend did the Reagan and Bush presidencies nullify and dismantle Great Society legislation? Describe the African American response to the Republican conservative reaction.

What role did African Americans play in the Vietnam War?

How did the visions and ideals, successes and failures of Martin Luther King compare with those of Lyndon B Johnson? Discuss the conflict between them. Why were these men at odds with each other?

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1. Midterm and Final Exams (300 points each)—Due Week 4 and Week 8

Each exam must be 6-7 pages in length, double-spaced, numbered, include 1 inch margins, use 12 point Arial, Calibri, or Times New Roman, and include a cover page that identifies who you are, the title of the course, the name of your instructor, and state either Midterm Exam or Final Exam.

Each exam must include footnotes or endnotes and a Works Cited or Bibliography page. The citation style must be Chicago/Turabian. Your instructor will provide instructions on how to cite a source using Chicago/Turabian style. The selected sources must be appropriate to the exam topic, the citations must support the assertions made in the exam, and footnotes or endnotes must be used in each instance where detailed explanations would distract from the argument.Each exam will include three main parts—the Thesis/Introduction, Argument, and Conclusion.

The Introduction section should clearly state the thesis within the first 1-2 paragraphs. The thesis must be relevant and appropriate to the argument and demonstrate an accurate and complete understanding of the question(s). It should do more than restate the question(s) and offer a brief response and it should be free of grammar & spelling errors.

The Argument section should incorporate pertinent details from assigned coursework and outside readings when permitted. Please make sure to ask your instructor for approval. Do not assume that you can use outside readings. The section must provide relevant historical evidence to support the thesis and the key claims made in the argument as needed. It should maintain focus and avoid getting sidetracked. It should present your answer(s) to the question(s) asked clearly and concisely in an organized manner and it should be free of grammar & spelling errors.

The Conclusion section should be in the last part of your essay exam within the last 1-2 paragraphs. It should briefly restate the thesis and summarize the main points of the argument. It should also demonstrate insight and understanding regarding the question(s) asked and it should be free of grammar & spelling errors.

A scoring rubric for each essay exam is included below. The exam question will be posted in the assignment folder.

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