EDUC 7011: Educational Policy Report

EDUC 7011: Educational Policy Report

Directions to complete assignment

EDUC 7011: Educational Policy

Module 8: Policy Implementation: Getting People to Carry Out a PolicyRead Chapter 10 in the textbook (refer below for access)

Respond to the News Article, “Iroquois Superintendent Warns Race to the Top Grant May Be Too Low”, on pages 259-260. Use the questions at the end of the News Article to guide your response.


*Good implementation depends on the will and capacity of the implementers. To what extent do you believe that the will and capacity to implement this federal mandate are present in the Iroquois School District?

*Using the questions about policy appropriateness in Figure 10.1, identify several ways in which this new policy is inappropriate for the Iroquois School District.

*To what extent is board member Charles Specht’s concern about the policy justified?

*What problems do you think will arise during the implementation of this policy?

VERY CRITICAL PART OF MY GRADE: The responses must be in a narrative format (complete sentences, paragraphs, etc.) – no bulleting. Paper should be 4 full pages, double-spaced, 12 pt. Times New Roman.

Use the link below to access the textbook so that you will be able to answer the question above.

Information: on the top of the toolbar, select “My Bookshelf”, then select launch mobile app/site, then you should be able to access Fowler (2013) Policy Studies for Educational Leaders…

Please note: I can use outside scholarly resources, however I am expected to use class readings: Fowler, F.C. (2013) Policy Studies for Educational Leaders: An Introduction. (4th ed.) in any literature to support my case. Failure to use class readings will count against the amount of points I can earn.

 Refer to the current APA 7th edition student paper template attached to start your response!

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