ECE2007 Movement with Children

ECE2007 Movement with Children


In this assessment, you will discuss the importance of moving with young children in early childhood settings in a way that reflects the learning you have undertaken in the unit so far. Think about how our unit readings provide discussions of different ways of thinking about childrenā€™s movement and consider what components of movement most interest you.Ā 


LO1. Articulate what capable children can do with their bodies across early childhood settings.

LO2. Design curriculum reflective of moving with children that is complex, ethical, and political.


The paper should be between 800 and 900 words in length, and should use Harvard formatting and referencing (reference list is not included in the word count)


Due at the end of Week 2 (on the Sunday at 11.55pm)


  1. You will write a paper in an essay style which discusses the importance of moving with young children in early childhood settings.
  2. In this paper, you will draw on readings and in-class content to articulate what capable infants and children can do with their bodies in early childhood settings and what role you play as an educator. Pay particular attention to how your understanding of moving with young children might impact on your curriculum and planning decisions.
  3. You can consider the following questions as prompts for your discussion-
    • Why and how is movement important for children’s learning and development?
    • What role do we play, as educators, in young children’s movement in early learning settings?
    • How does this align with your image of the child as a learner?
    • What are some of the different ways we can think about moving with young children in early childhood settings?
    • Why does it matter that educators think of childrenā€™s movement in this way?
    • What are your main curiosities related to thinking about movement?
    • Do you have personal experiences that make you curious about this question, and why do these experiences matter to your understanding of childrenā€™s movement?

(Remember these questions are to prompt and guide your thinking, they are not essential components of the paper)

  1. You should refer to at least four resources. You should cite at least two out of the range of academic articles made available to you in week 2. There is additional reading on the eReserve list. You should include other resources (a curriculum framework, websites, professional blogs, book chapters or video content) as additional citations in addition to the two academic articles.
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