Early Childhood Education and Care Essay

Early Childhood Education and Care Essay

1.Provide an example of an observation that is valid, representative, significant and relevant. If you do not have access to a centre you will have to create your own.2. Michelle is a 10-month-old infant. This morning Michelle was playing ball with one of the Educators. The ball rolled past Michelle and she was unable to reach out and get it from where she sat. Michelle is not yet able to crawl. However, she attempted to reach forward to grasp the ball but was still too far from it. Michelle leaned forward until she was lying on her belly, which brought her closer to the ball. Still being a little short of it, she pushed off the floor with her feet and boosted herself forward towards the ball. Michelle stretched her left arm forward again and reached the ball, grasping it in her fingertips. She brought the ball to her mouth and smiled. She seemed very proud of herself.

a. List 2 methods how might these behaviours be recorded?

b. What does this description tell you about the possible strengths of Michelle?

c. Why is it a good idea to record such activities?

3. How would you use information and observations to analyse and monitor children’s strengths, interests, relationships and learning in conjunction with the approved framework’s learning outcomes?

4.Devise your own schedule showing how you would plan to gather evidence on a group of eight focus children against Framework Outcomes. How long would it take you to:

a) Gather a range of evidence during both planned and spontaneous experiences

b) Analyse and summarise the evidence, and

c) Gain insight into possible planning experiences for each child

5. Research and provide an example of an organisation’s standards, policies or procedures related to collecting information about children. Please include reference(s).6. Part A) Use your formative and summative assessments to develop a plan with two activities for each of the three children (this is six activities in all). For each child, include:

  • An intentional teaching experience
  • A planned ‘learning through play’ experience

For each of the six activities, your plan should describe:

  • Which type of experience it is (intentional or learning through play)
  • What the planned activity is
  • How you will set up the environment to encourage participation and learning
  • How you will ensure the children are comfortable by creating a safe and non-threatening space
  • An outcome, goal and objective for the activity
  • Modelling that is planned as part of the activity
  • The materials and resources needed.

Use a table similar to the template shown on page 84 of your E-book or the service’s template.

7. Answer the following questions

Describe three methods for ensuring that information shared with families is kept private.

Each organisation must obey the privacy act 1988 by following methods

Not revealing child family and social-economic background

Not revealing child medical health and issues

Treating every children same

Not to reveal any information out of the organisation.

8. Use the information from the mapping matrix below to determine how you will purposefully plan and apply intentional teaching principles and modelling to aid Sameer’s development. Complete the last section in the table i.e. How we will develop Sameer’s learning and development?

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