EAP0202 Assignment 3: Report

EAP0202 Assignment 3: Report

This assignment requires you to discuss the findings of your observational records from assignment 1. It should be clearly set out into the sections listed below. You should use headings in your report and these should be listed in your table of contents.blank
Cover page  
Contents page  

Introduction to the topic

You need to show that you have done some reading in the area of child development that has broadened your knowledge of the topic.  This introduction needs to ‘set the scene’ for your report and may include a variety of topics.  You might want to include some of the following:

·     What is child and adolescent development? Why study it?

·     Why do we observe children and adolescents? What do educators do with the information once gathered?

·     What is meant by the term “naturalistic observation”? Why do educators use it?

·     Why do we use a variety of observation/assessment tools and techniques?

·     What is meant by “aspects of development”? Why is it important to look at a child’s development across all areas? How do these areas link together?

·     Why is play important in child development? What can educators learn about children from observing their play?

·     As you write your report, you may choose to add different ideas. For example, if the child you are observing seems to play only by him/herself and you think this is unusual for his/her age, you might discuss Parten’s stages of play.  If so, you might add a brief description of Paten’s theory so that your reader knows what you are talking about later.

In other words, your introduction is introducing the key terms and ideas that will be presented in your report. You need to clearly link the ideas discussed in the introduction to the report that follows.

Introduction to the child/adolescent From the information you have gathered from the video and the description provided for the case study, write a short description of what you know about the child, including name and age.  Also provide a brief description of the location of your observations.
Report body In this section, you will compare your observations of your focus child to the expected milestones and age-related theories.  Select TWO aspects of development to analyse and do so in two clearly marked sections.  A small section might read something like:blankPhysical Development:

Samantha was observed riding a 2 wheeled bicycle without training wheels in the running record observation (appendix 2), although she was still a little slow when going around corners.  According to Bloggs (2017) and Ginger (2019), children typically achieve this skill during their 6th year, as Samantha has shown.  She was also seen climbing up a ladder using alternating legs and arms and kicking a ball accurately over a distance of about 5 metres (appendix 3- checklist) which Bling and Blong (2018) expect of a 5 year old child.

***This is the largest section of your report and should be allocated at least half the allocated word count****

Suggested activities Based on your observations and discussions, make suggestions for activities that would be appropriate for the educator/carer/parent to carry out with the child. More marks will be awarded for those that are based on educational theory and those that are creative (perhaps using low-cost or easy to source resources)
Conclusion This is where you summarise your findings and add any ideas or suggestions that relate to your observations and discussions.
References Should be listed on a separate page
Appendix You should include your observations and assessment tools from assignment 1 as an appendix (still in the same document) and refer to them throughout your report (as shown in the sample above)

You must submit your assignments through Turnitin.  This can be done via the “Assessments” tab on Blackboard. The program asks you to upload your assignment as an attachment, so all your work must be in one document. There are several formats that are accepted with most students creating the document in Word. If you have separate documents, you will need to compile them in to one PDF document.

Please familiarise yourself with Turnitin before the due date as late penalties apply after the deadline on the date of submission (5% per day late to a maximum of seven days after which time a 0 mark is applied).

 Please be familiar with the University’s definition and policy on plagiarism.


ECU referencing guide is available from the ECU library. http://ecu.au.libguides.com/referencing

Students who write significantly over the word limit will be penalised up to 10% of the total marks for the assignment.

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