The American Civil War Final Exam

The American Civil War Final Exam

Industry versus Farming     

By the mid and late 1800s, the northern states had moved their economies from farming to industry and a greater population lived in the major cities (Couttenier, 2012). The South had upheld a large-scale farming economy which majorly relied on the slave labor. While the South needed many slaves to sustain their farms, the North no longer needed them. The Northern states subscribed to the belief that slavery was evil.

The Rights of States

There was a heated debate on the division of powers between the states and the federal government (Couttenier, 2012). The constitution was written in the states and the Southerners felt that the federal government was exploiting them by denying them their powers and rights.

Bleeding Kansas

The government passed an Act in which the residents of Kansas were to vote to be either a free state or a slave state. There were numerous supporters of both sides which led to a fight. People were killed in the fight hence the name Bleeding Kansas (Couttenier, 2012). In 1861, Kansas was declared a free state.

The Election of Abraham Lincoln and Secession

Lincoln subscribed to the anti-slavery Republican Party. The Southerners felt that the newly elected president was against them (Couttenier, 2012). At this point the war was inevitable and no effort would change the fate. The Southern states wanted to depart from the union of the United States. They wanted to form a new country Confederate States of America. Lincoln sent troops to stop this decision. This was the point when the war began.

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