Mobile Crisis Program Assessment

Mobile Crisis Program Assessment

What are the goals of the Mobile Crisis Program?

The Mobile Crisis Program mainly aims at managing psychiatric emergencies. The program exhibits a deviation from the normal handling of psychiatric emergencies in that it addresses the case in the most unrestrictive environments. Under the program, police arrests are reduced and the time that they could have otherwise used in their duty spared (Scott, 2000). The program offers consultancy services via telephone calls as well as on-site counseling and referral assistance. The program, in the cases involving violence from the mentally ill people, tasks its team with the duty to evaluate the persons involved and determine whether hospitalization is required. If hospitalization is needed, the team proceeds to transport the patient and helps him or her with the hospital admission. The program mainly helps in resolving emergency cases that would otherwise be costly if they were to be managed by police officers only.


What is the study sample?

The study examined both psychiatric emergency cases managed by the mobile crisis team and the similar case led by the regular police procedures. In the study that lasted for three months, 73 of the cases that were studied were handled by the mobile crisis team while 58 of the cases were addressed by the regular police procedures (Scott, 2000). Cumulatively, the study sample consisted of 131 psychiatric emergency cases.

The program measurements focused on effectiveness, efficiency, and consumer and police satisfaction.

How was effectiveness measured?

How was efficiency measured?

How was consumer and police satisfaction measured?

Are these good measures of the concepts they are intended to measure?

What kind of evaluation is this?  Process or outcome?  Please explain why.

Based on your reading, please comment on the quality of the research design for drawing conclusions about whether the program was effective. What conclusions can you draw about internal validity?

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