Leadership and Management Theories-Fred Bloggs Case Study

Leadership and management theories are essential to the proper running of any organization. Many individuals and managers utilize various leadership styles in their workplaces. Leadership is used to refer to the ability of a person to organize or guide individuals or teams in an organization. The management, on the other hand, relates to the process of controlling, handling or decision making about a team or organization towards the achievement of specific goals and objectives. In this paper, we seek to explore the case study involving Fred Bloggs – the Director of Structural Engineering Department at Universal Construction Limited, about the leadership and management theories.
According to the case study, Fred Bloggs has a vicious repute, often referred to by his team members as cold-hearted and stating that he frequently had a superiority complex when discussing the technical or personal issue with him. However, Bloggs has numerous competencies in his field despite the negative comments. He holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree and has twenty years of experience in the construction industry. He possesses other skills necessary for mastery of his profession. In addition, his capacity to meet tight deadlines and work within specified time frames (time-management skills) has been the fundamental skills for his lengthy tenure as a director of the firm. Nonetheless, his leadership skills and management traits have been greatly criticized by his ‘subordinates’ as he often refers to them.


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