Historians and Writing About the Past

Historians and Writing About the Past

In this module we have seen that for the historian, “the past” is approached in certain, considered ways. Such ways help define the historian’s endeavor as a profession. For this assignment, you will develop an essay of approximately 500–750 words (2–3 pages) (not including title page, citations or bibliography) that discusses the following based on evidence from the course materials you read and viewed for this week: How do historians uniquely study, consider, and write about the past? How do these factors affect the approach to, and the purposes of, historical research? Include in your paper the following required elements: A title page. An introductory paragraph with a thesis statement that articulates your major argument about historians’ approach to the past. Body paragraphs which use specific evidence from course readings reinforce your thesis statement. A concluding paragraph summarizing your overall points and conclusions. In-text or footnote citations in Chicago Style or APA format any sources that are quoted, paraphrased, or summarized. Your citations should be precise; they must refer to the specific sections and pages of works that you use to support the interpretations you make in your paper. A bibliography or list of references for all sources. You are highly encouraged to use Chicago Style format for your bibliography. APA is an acceptable alternative.

Partial Solution 


Historians always have a sense of the past which helps them to reinforce their beliefs and identity. They believe that the human species relies more on experience as opposed to the instinct to survive. Therefore, it is of profound importance that every individual is conscious of the past. However, to maintain their identity, historians study the past in a unique way which defines their profession. Historians study past events by adopting eyes of the past, assessing the gulf between past and current ages, using periodization to measure distance, and studying female exploitation.

One of the ways through which historians conduct their study involves adopting the eyes of the past. This entails reconstructing events that happened in the past to understand them better. In this regard, the historians reconstruct aspects such as atmosphere and the past ages’ mentality to make meaning to their experiences. As a result, historians can understand why people in the past behaved the way they did by adopting their eyes and making judgments that are based on past people’s standards. This method is ideal for historical recreation and helps historians to perceive past experiences wholly and understand them as if they were physically present.

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