Discussion: Professional Learning Analysis

Discussion: Professional Learning Analysis

Topic 1 Discussion Question 1

Describe a professional leadership model that you have experienced, either as a teacher or in another setting. What did you like and/or dislike about the model? How did the model contribute to the school or setting culture?

Topic 1 Discussion Question 2

Discuss the benefits of implementing Professional Learning Communities in schools. What are the drawbacks? How can these be overcome?Topic 5 Discussion Question 1

Current research supports professional learning communities (PLC) as a powerful staff development approach. What are the roles of the principal, reading/literacy specialist, and staff in the PLC approach to professional development? How does each role support student literacy development within the PLC?

Topic 5 Discussion Question 2

An important element of being in a position of leadership in schools is to enact ethical dispositions and qualities. Select two of the GCU College of Education professional dispositions and explain how they might come to life through your work leading adult learners. How do the selected dispositions support the Christian worldview?


The response to each discussion question should ONLY be 5-6 sentences. Please include ONE scholarly reference for each question using APA format.****

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