Disability Sports Project Proposal

Disability Sports Project Proposal

1. Disability Sports Program
Individually or in small groups (2), you will create a new disability sports program in the Durham area. There will be the following 4 parts to this assignment:Part 1 – Focal Sport (50 points)
 In your small group or individually, you will select the focal sport for the program. This will be the initial sport that is used to develop and grow your program. In this section, you will provide 1) a 1 page Creative Fact Sheet that describes the sport. This is something that you can provide to schools, PT/OT/RT programs to share with clients and students. Some items you will want to include are pic of person playing the sport, brief rules and regulations, who is eligible to play, etc. 2) specific description of the sport rules and regulations, equipment costs and regulations, eligibility, classifications

Part 2- Program Description (50 points)
 In your small group you will create a PowerPoint presentation for the class outlining your idea. You are required to include the following: name of the program, age/disability benefiting from it, how you plan to recruit, frequency of program, equipment/facilities needed, funding options, staffing, marketing, organizational structure, etc.
 Following this presentation, your class members will provide you with positive/negative feedback and changes needed.Part 3 – Google Sites presentation (50 points)
 In your small group, using Google Sites, you will create a website for your program. Use the tutorial to assist in the development of your website. You may want to start out using the Project Theme to assist in the development of your website. Be creative. This is a resource to attract sponsors, donors, and participants. Remember to connect to social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). Please do not publish any of your material. This is only created for class.

Part 4 – Grant presentation (50 points)
 Lastly, you will choose a grant to help in starting your new program. This could be a small grant or you can try for a larger one. You will research grants and provide the amount of money that each grant will provide. You must state how much money you are trying to receive to assist with funding your organization.

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