Developments in the History of Psychology

Developments in the History of Psychology

Students are to organize a timeline of key figures and/or developments in the history of psychology. The timeline should start with the philosophical roots of psychology during the pre-Renaissance period (e.g., Plato, Stoicism, Confucius, Avicenna) and end with the establishment of psychology as a discrete science field (Wundt’s lab in Leipzig). Each slide should include a key figure or development (theory), a description of the person/theory and explanation of the influence of the person/theory. Additionally, at least one slide should discuss the figures and developments/theories in the history of psychology from a Christian perspective identifying which are the most and least compatible with Biblical teachings. The slides should also include some sort of visual aid to help describe the information in the slide (e.g., picture, graphic, symbol).The project will allow students to consolidate and further explore the information covered in the first 3 weeks of the course by by identifying and describing knowledge accumulated in the early part of the history of psychology.


The presentation should be no less than 9 slides long (at least 8 key figures and at least 1 slide discussing Christian perspective).
The presentation should include a slide for each key person or theory that you present.
Pictures and illustrations should be included, where needed and should enhance the content rather than just decorating the slide.
The slides should indicate a good understanding of the evolution of the field of psychology.
The project should follow APA formatting guidelines including using a scholarly tone and spelling/grammar conventions.
The project should include in-text citations for all factual information provided and include an APA reference page providing reference information for the cited materials.

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