Development of the U.S. Electric System

Development of the U.S. Electric System

Select either Alternative A or B

 Alternative A:

Select a patent or a contributor from the early years and write a brief paper (400-500 words, 1 – 1 ½ pages) on the significance of the contribution or person to the development of the U.S. electric system. Since the lectures covered Edison, Tesla and Westinghouse, they are not on the list. However, you are not limited to the list if you have a good alternative.Examples include:

Patents*                                                                           Contributors*

Induction Coil                                                              Michael Faraday

Electric Arc Lamp                                                        Charles Brush

Telegraph                                                                    Lucien Gaulard

Railway Telegraphy                                                     John Gibbs

Street Lighting Arc Lamp                                            Humphry Davy

Carbon Filament                                                         Joseph Henry

Thomas Davenport

*A good source is the National                                  Charles Batchelor

Inventors Hall of Fame Website                                Thomas Murray

Alternative B:

Select a city (such as your hometown, nearby community, any city) and write about the development of the electric system. Include whether the city is served by an IOU, Municipal, etc.

400-500 words, 1-1 ½ pages  

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