Developing Valid Program Admission Criteria

Developing Valid Program Admission Criteria

HSCD 630-01 Integrated Care: Screening and AssessmentWeek 3 Discussion¬† Here is the Discussion Forum for Week 3’s online session

 Developing Valid Program Admission Criteria

Review the Guided Practice Exercise 4.4 in the Watson & Flamez text on page 95. ¬†Based on the text’s discussion of “Characteristics of Sound Criteria” (pp. 94-ff.) as well as other pertinent information in the chapter, discuss what Valid Admission Criteria you would use for accepting clients into a residential co-occurring disorder program.¬† In other words what criteria would you use and why?¬† And how would you ensure clients meet that criteria?¬† Be specific and concrete in terms of how you would identify and select “valid – sound criteria” for your admissions criteria.


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