Death Becomes Her: Movie Report

Death Becomes Her: Movie Report


Project 1:

Death at the Movies: Watch the movie (Death Becomes Her) which focuses on death and humor and submit a 2-page report using APA format (title page, abstract, and reference page in addition to the 2 pages) and remember to include the movie in the reference page.

Our text (DeSpelder, L., & Strickland, A. (2019). The Last Dance: Encountering Death and Dying), suggests that laughter in movies, cartoons, and music all provide opportunities to relieve our anxieties about death.  Not all people laugh at the same things so you may not find humor in any of the films listed below.  If you have a movie with the same theme that you would like to watch, please submit the title to me for approval. 1) Provide a short summary of the plot.

2) Reread the section on humor in our text and use the information as a guide to discuss how humor functioned in the film you watched.

3) What impact did laughing at death have on you?

4) Discuss any occurrences in your own life when you have used humor as a means to cope with a serious situation.  Were you alone or were others with you.  What was their response?

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