Curriculum Development Assignment Analysis

Curriculum Development Assignment Analysis

Learning Objectives

  1. What is a goal-based model of curriculum planning, and how does one determine the locus of planning decisions and organizational structures that are needed?
  2. What is the importance of establishing a curriculum framework?
  3.  How can we identify and allocate leadership functions as well as align goals with curricular fields?
  4.  How do we organize, evaluate, change, and provide curriculum resources?

Assignment Two

Select a college or university and provide the information listed below for the university.

  • · History of the Institution
  • · Mission Statement
  • · Accreditation Status of the Institution
  • · Institutions Goals and Objectives

Discussion Board 2

  1. How can community members be involved in curriculum planning?
  2. How Do We Define Curriculum?
    • Curriculum is that which is taught at school.
    • Curriculum is a set of subjects.
    • Curriculum is content.
    • Curriculum is a sequence of courses.
    • Curriculum is a set of performance objectives.
    • Curriculum is all planned learning for which the school is responsible.
    • Curriculum is all the experiences learners have under the guidance of the school.

Eight Common Curriculum Design

1. Content-based instruction purpose: knowledge, acquisition activity: facts, data, and representative form

2. Shell Based Instruction purpose: process and manipulation activity: practice, ordering application

3. Inquiry Approach purpose: awareness, interest activity: unknown, sampling

4. Conceptual Learning purpose: understanding activity: big ideas, familiarity

5. Interdisciplinary Learning purpose: making connection activity: application

6. Cooperative Learning purpose: coordinating social skills activity: group work

7. Problem Solving purpose: apply skills activity: current events

8. Critical and Creative Thinking purpose: construction of new forms activity: model building, imagination

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