Culturally Responsive Lesson Plan

Culturally Responsive Lesson Plan

As an elementary teacher, you will find that social studies lend itself well to culturally responsive instruction and interdisciplinary teaching. Social studies education provides many opportunities for students to learn about a variety of cultures, including their own. Social studies can also be easily integrated with other subject areas, especially English language arts (reading and writing).


In Week 2 you met with your field experience teacher to discuss the social studies lesson that you will teach to a class, a small group of students, In Week 3 you learned about culturally responsive instructional strategies and ways to create a culturally responsive environment in your classroom. For this assignment, you will apply culturally responsive instructional strategies and develop the lesson plan that you will teach for your field experience before the end of Week 5.

Assessment Deliverable 

Use the Lesson Plan Template and follow the prompts provided in it to develop your culturally responsive interdisciplinary social studies lesson plan.

Note: Although this template may not reflect a typical lesson plan, it is meant to outline the necessary elements required for this assessment. Order Now from Course ResearchersFollow the guidelines and below:  

  • Access the lesson plan template link above and address all components and each guided question effectively.
  • As you plan your lesson, take into consideration the unique needs of the student(s) you will be teaching. Consult with your field experience teacher for the culturally responsive lesson plan.
  • In your lesson plan, include at least 1 social studies standard and at least 1 reading or language arts standard. Ensure that your learning objective(s) align with these standards.
  • In your lesson plan, incorporate materials and resources that represent the cultures and backgrounds of the student(s) you will be teaching. Consult with your field experience teacher for more information about the interests or background of the student(s).
  • For subgroups with modifications/accommodations: Address all in the lesson plan (i.e. Gifted, ELL, SWD, IEP/504).
  • Activities should be grade-appropriate and rigorous (i.e. crayons to color in maps as a 6th-grade activity).
  • Formative assessments should be detailed and directly address the standards.
  • SS lends itself to hands-on activities and projects based learning and assessments. Please steer away from worksheets, quizzes, tests, etc.
  • Include primary and secondary sources and URLs with online/videos.
  • Include research-based resources in your lesson plan, and format citations, and references according to APA guidelines.

Submit your lesson plan.

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