Cry the Beloved Country-Racism

Cry the Beloved country -Racism 

In Cry, the Beloved Country, Alan Paton depicts racism in South Africa. Britain occupied the Cape Of Good Hope took permanent possession in 1806. During the 1830s, groups of Boers they were mad of the abolition of slavery. They moved north and founded the republics of Orange or free state and Transvaal. The latter consolidated after a victory over the Zulu armies. But the farmers of the union of south Africa failed to agree on a common policy, toward the descendants of the common African tribes which outnumbered the whites. Some wanted to extend the whole union the voting rights to the cape province to certain blacks, and people of mixed races. When Abraham Lincoln predicted of America ‘’ house divided’ in 1858 ‘’ it will become all one thing, or all the other’’. In 1948, South Africa feared domination by the black majority, the Afrikaner nationalistic party introduced the policy of separate development. This was widely known as apartheid a term used by the Afrikaans for separateness. This is a Student Sample ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

In the novel,Cry the Beloved country -Racism is shown through the voices of apartheid advocates are heard only with an undertone of satire: And some cry for the cutting up of South Africa without delay into separate areas where white can live without black, and black without white, where black can farm their own land and mine their own minerals and administer their own laws.

In the novel a man stated that in Johannesburg it was the mines, everything is the mines. The buildings, the beautiful part town with beautiful houses, and city halls, all this is built with the gold from the mines later he said with a loud voice go to a hospital seeing people lying on the floors. They are so close you cannot step over them. These are the ones that dig gold for three shilling’s a day. They come from different Africans of tribes. They live in the compounds they have to leave their families and wives behind. When the new gold is found it is not we who where get more for our labor. It is the white men shares that will rise they bring more of us in the compounds to dig under the ground for three shillings a day. They do not think that there’s a chance for their labor. They only think it’s perfectly natural for them to build a house and a bigger car. It was important to find gold they say for all of south Africa is built on the mines, the builders say it was not built on the mines, he said it was built on our backs, on our sweat, on our labor. This is a Student Sample ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

In conclusion, the Zulu pastor and his son, set against the background of a land and a people riven by racial injustice cried the beloved country is a classic work of love and hope, courage and endurance of born of the dignity of man. This novel it was the greatest to merge out of tragedy this will make this book one of the best novel in our times. Cry the Beloved country -Racism.

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