Cross Cultural Communication Benefits

Cross Cultural Communication Benefits

Cross-cultural communication (CCC) is important from an ethical point of view as well as from a business perspective. Write a report or essay that explains why effective CCC is important for business and is an ethical issue, and compare two very different cultures (e.g. Australia and where you are from, or two other countries that you have spent time in).In your essay or report, address the following:

What is CCC?

Why is it important in business?

What are the two main perspectives of Corporate Social Responsibility?

How do they relate to CCC in business?

What defines a culture?

What are the elements of your (own or chosen) culture?

What are the elements of your (second-chosen or Australian) culture?

Are there any similarities?

What are the differences?

Can you foresee any cultural issues between the two cultures that might create a barrier to effective CCC?

How might these be avoided/overcome?

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