Critical Reflection: Practicum Experience

Critical Reflection: Practicum Experience


Critical reflection on your growth and development during your practicum experience in a clinical setting helps you identify opportunities for improvement in your clinical skills, while also recognizing your strengths and successes.Order Now from Course ResearchersUse this Journal to reflect on your clinical strengths and opportunities for improvement, the progress you made, and what insights you will carry forward into your next practicum.

  • Refer to the “Population-Focused Nurse Practitioner Competencies” in the Learning Resources, and consider the quality measures or indicators advanced practice nurses must possess in your specialty.
  • Refer to your “Clinical Skills Self-Assessment Form” you submitted in Week 1 and consider your strengths and opportunities for improvement.
  • Refer to your Patient Log in Meditrek; consider the patient activities you have experienced in your practicum experience and reflect on your observations and experiences.

In 450–500 words, address the following:

Learning From Experiences

  • Revisit the goals and objectives from your Practicum Experience Plan. Explain the degree to which you achieved each during the practicum experience.
  • Reflect on the 3 most challenging patients you encountered during the practicum experience. What was most challenging about each?
  • What did you learn from this experience?
  • What resources were available?
  • What evidence-based practice did you use for the patients?
  • What would you do differently?
  • How are you managing patient flow and volume?  How can you apply your growing skillset to be a social change agent within your community?

Order Now from Course ResearchersCommunicating and Feedback

  • Reflect on how you might improve your skills and knowledge and how to communicate those efforts to your Preceptor.
  • Answer these questions: How am I doing? What is missing?
  • Reflect on the formal and informal feedback you received from your Preceptor.


Assimilation and Synthesis: Content Reflection

Reflection demonstrates a high level of critical thinking in applying and integrating key course concepts and theories from readings, lectures, and/or experiences. Insightful and relevant connections are made through contextual explanations and examples.

Assimilation and Synthesis: Personal Growth

Expresses solid evidence of reflection on own work. Demonstrates substantial personal growth and awareness of deeper meaning through inferences, well-developed insights, and significant depth in awareness and challenges. Synthesizes current experience into future implications

Well written and clearly organized using standard English; characterized by elements of a strong writing style; and basically free from grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling errors.

APA: Contains no APA errors.

PLS use the following as My area of improvements: Communication, Assessments, Diagnosis, Ability to interpret screening tools, professionalism, able Evaluating patient response and modify plan as necessary and few from the clinical skills.

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