Covid 19 Vaccine Distribution Process Map

Covid 19 Vaccine Distribution Process Map

L7 Process Improvement & Lean Management

Module Leader: 

Key Details and Requirements

Submission deadline: 

Learning outcomes:

1. Understand the principles of Lean Management and Six Sigma

2. Ability and understanding of how to carry out Process

3. Ability and understanding of how to use Lean and Improvement tools to identify and solve process

4. Critical application and understanding of how to apply Lean and Improvement techniques in real-world

5. Synthesise and critically evaluate lean improvement methodologies and have an understanding of how they are linked to environmental, social and governance factors in

Assessment details: Individual written report, 100% (2,500 words +/-10%).

The word count does not include references, any table of contents and Executive Summary (the Executive Summary should be within 400 words though). Appendices are also outside the main word count but should not be more than two pages.

Referencing: Students are expected to use Harvard Referencing throughout their assignments where required. Please follow the Harvard Referencing Handbook for all your assignments at the ULBS.

Submission Method: Turnitin – Your work will be put through Turnitin. All submissions will be electronically checked for plagiarism and the use of AI software.

You have the option to upload your work ahead of the deadline, more than once. ULBS will be reviewing your last submission only. You can only upload one file. For example if your work contains a word document and power point slides/Excel spreadsheet you will need to copy your slides/spreadsheet into the word document.

ULBS Assessment Office Contact Details

 The ULBS Assessment Office are here to help should you have any non-academic questions related to your assessments.

Note: Keep in mind that self-plagiarism (when you reuse your own specific wording and ideas from work that you have previously submitted without referencing yourself) is also a form of plagiarism and is not allowed.

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The assignment is a report.

1). You need to develop a process map for distribution of the Covid 19 vaccine from the factory to where you were living in 2020/21.

2). You need to explore how lean management could have improved the process. You may use your own experience as well as published information (official sources/ media) to set up the analysis. You should seek to draw on different approaches, principles, and concepts that you have studied in the course to provide creative, well thought out and practical improvements.

You must use course concepts and frameworks discussed in the module in preparation of this assignment.

Suggested Submission Format

  • Executive Summary – this is a summary of “what you did”; how and “what you found out”. Usually, you write this when everything else is
  • Introduction– this introduces your report as well as providing background to the
  • Improvement Objectives – what are the issues/aspects you seek to deliver suggestions/solutions to?
  • Concepts and techniques in analysis – what specific concepts underpin your analysis and why did you choose these?
  • Analysis using concepts/techniques – this is where you demonstrate your understanding of the concepts and draw out findings (Application of Knowledge).
  • Conclusions – this is where you summarise the findings from your analysis and based on the analysis, note what processes should be
  • Recommendations – put forward your recommended process improvements and demonstrate what benefits your proposed improvement/suggestions will
  • References – Harvard style as required by the.
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