Context for Effective Workplace Coaching

Understand the context for effective workplace coaching

AC 1.1: Describe and define the purpose of workplace coachingThere is a full definition that states precisely the meaning of workplace coaching

  • The principal features of workplace coaching are fully and correctly described and the context is detailed and appropriate

Provide a precise and thorough definition what is meant by Workplace Coaching.

Describe, not just list, the features and primary aspects of Workplace Coaching, mentioning in your answer how coaching benefits employees in the workplace.

The example must be related to the workplace

AC 1.2: Explain the role and responsibilities of an effective workplace coach

There is an explanation of the purpose of workplace coaching at both organisational and individual levels with a clear understanding of ‘effective’ and the context is detailed

  • The principal features of the roles, responsibilities and characteristics of an effective coach are explained in depth

Explain precisely what is meant by an “Effective Workplace Coach”.

Explain in depth, not just list , the roles and responsibilities of an Effective Coach (What does an effective coach do in the workplace?, e.g. effectively empower people to find their own answers).

Elaborate by giving examples related to the workplace.

AC 1.3: Describe the behaviours and characteristics of an effective workplace coach

There is a correct and comprehensive description of the full range of behaviours and characteristics of an effective workplace coach

Explain in depth, not just list, the characteristics of an effective coach in the workplace (What are the set of knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes of an effective coach?, e.g. Listing skills, problem solving abilities…etc.)

Refer to the seven competencies that contribute to good coaching in the Coaching Self-Assessment.

Elaborate by giving behavioral examples related to the workplace.AC 1.4: Explain how coaches should contract and manage confidentiality to coach ethically

  • Explanation is given of what is meant by ethical coaching
  • There is a full and clear explanation of how to contract and manage confidentiality in coaching contracts that includes organisational as well as individual considerations
  • Impact of legislation on coaching confidentiality is explained

Explain thoroughly what is meant by “Ethical Coaching”.

Make sure you tackle “How Confidentiality Should be Contracted” in the coaching agreement.

Explain precisely the importance of managing the confidentiality during the coaching process.

Refer to Appendix 6in the Workbook (The Ethics Toolkit for Coaches)

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