Competitive Strategies-Car and Airline Industries

Competitive Strategies-Car and Airline Industries


Both small and multinational corporations operate in a competitive environment. The success of these businesses is largely tied to their competitive strategies. This report will discuss the competitive strategies attributable to Chevrolet Motor Car Company and Peugeot Company which are the two companies in the car industry. The report also explores both target market and modes of entry associated with British Airways and Emirates, the two companies in the airline industry. The report finds the success of both Chevrolet and Peugeot companies is a result of the continuous development and improvement of the existing brands. This has been achieved through innovation and taking advantage of the current technology. For the companies in the airline industry, the report has found that the two companies competitive strategies are tied to the proper segmentation of the target as well application of the appropriate market entry strategies.


The firm competitive advantage and its profitability are the key determinants of the company success in a given industry. For the company to possess the two aspects it must come up with the robust competitive strategies that will overcome the existing completion as well as the threat of the new entrants in the industry. This report explores the competitive strategies exhibited by Chevrolet and Peugeot the two companies in the car industry. The report also investigates the competitive strategies attributable to British Airways and Emirates Airline which are some of the major companies in the Airline industry.

Car Industry

In the recent the past, the competition in the car industry has been the intense one. However, there some companies in these industry such as Chevrolet and Peugeot that have been able to overcome the existing fierce competition through global strategy as business model change to claim their competitive advantage both in the industry as well in the market. In the following discussion, this company discusses each company in detail: END OF PREVIEW ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW


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