Compare and Contrast Misha and Uri in Milkweed

Compare and Contrast Misha and Uri in Milkweed

In the Milkweed by Jerry Spinelli, almost all characters possess similar traits, as they are all street kids. The notable differences among the characters are mainly from their backgrounds while their similarities come from their physical attributes as portrayed through Misha and Uri. Misha is a nameless and nobody boy who acquires several names until he joins street kids band when Uri names him Misha Pilsudski. Uri on the other hand is a bit mature than other boys and he acts as a guardian of Misha. Misha is the main character who is used to develop the story. Misha starts as an orphaned, homeless, nobody and nameless kid until he joins the streets band where he obtains the gypsy identity. He survives by stealing food and using his quickness and shortness to escape danger (Spinelli 5). Misha cannot connect with his past, and as a result, he is unable to understand the world around him. He spends much of his time with Janina, a friend, and other street boys.

Like Misha, Uri is also a street boy. The two characters learn the tactics of the street, which they use to survive. For example, they learn thieving techniques used by other street kids to smuggle food and other basic items. Uri uses his natural characteristics like Misha to survive in the streets. For example, he uses his age and fearless attribute to claim the leadership of the ring (Spinelli 14). Similarly, Misha used his size and fastness to obtain food.

Unlike Misha, Uri has had the street identify from the beginning, as showcased through his skillful acts, for example, he has mastered all the tricks of surviving in the streets. In several instances, he helps Misha to escape danger besides acting as Misha’s guardian. Uri does not live in the ghetto like Misha and other street kids; he lived in blue camel. Uri was a bit older than other homeless children including Uri. Misha is fearful while Uri is courageous, for example, he would always help Misha to evade danger.

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