Communication Policies and Protocols

Communication Policies and Protocols

Organisational communication policies and protocols

1.1 Read the “Sample Communication Policy” in your communication in-class handbook (or find it in the handouts section on Bright space).1.2 On the first page of the policy, read the “general communication principles” and select any three (3)

1.3 For each principle selected provide one (1) example of a way you could put this communication principle into practice in a workplace (something you might say or do in a workplace situation that shows you understand the communication principle and are putting it into practice)

Cross-cultural communication protocols

Open the link below and read the cross-cultural communication protocols. Refer to these in your responses.


2.1 Provide an example from a disability workplace of a situation with a person where cross-cultural communication would be required (include some information about the person and their background / needs) (one paragraph)

2.2 From the information on the website, if you were the worker responsible, identify two (2) cross-cultural communication strategies you would use to support the person’s understanding.(Point form)

Addressing communication problems/barriers

1. Describe two (2) situations in a workplace where you observed a communication problem or barrier related to a work colleague, this can be in any type of workplace. (One (1) paragraph for each situation)

2. For each of the two (2) situations identify a communication strategy that would effectively address the problem or barrier. Describe each communication strategy and how you would implement the communication strategy for both situations. (One (1) paragraph for each strategy)

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