Child Protection-Homer and Marge Case Study

Homer and Marge have been married for 14 years and have 2 children Bart, age 14 and Lisa, age 10.
They live a rather unusual lifestyle since Homer is a cocaine dealer and Marge runs an escort service herein Victoria.
To the outside world they seemed to be doing well, but Homer has become increasingly addicted to cocaine and Marge has an untreated bipolar disorder resulting in chaotic behaviour. Both parents try to keep their lifestyles separate and secret from the children, but as the kids get older, this has become impossible. The family has a high standard of living and there is no evidence of physical violence. Both parents have wanted to change jobs but knew their standard of living would plummet if they did, since they had few other career options.  ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
Their problems began when one of Lisa’s teachers noticed that Lisa was engaging in age-inappropriate sexual play and seemed to have age-inappropriate sexual knowledge. Bart was caught selling cocaine at school and the teachers reported both incidents to the Ministry of Children and Families who immediately removed the children from the home.
The parent’s lawyer argued that the ministry was overreacting and biased due to the parent’s lifestyles and that the children should be returned immediately. The ministry lawyer argued that the children were obviously negatively impacted by their parents’ lifestyles and should be put into foster care permanently.
1. What changes would you propose to the parents to support the idea of a temporary supervision order?
2. What would be the advantages and disadvantages of removing the children to foster care?

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