Challenging Image of Alcoholism

Challenging Image of Alcoholism

Drunkards, they move around shouting aimlessly, polluting the society with their abhorrent behavior. The community, having faced many of these, then to name the issue alcoholism. Trying to justify that being drunk is beyond their ability and that it is a disease. However, one may ask, how did the bottle get to their hand. Was it forced down their throat? What’s even worse, is the social cost incurred. The government spends resources on rehabilitation. Not to mention people who have died due to drunken driving.

Description of a Shocking Solution

            I propose an end to selling alcohol. Apparently, people have little control. They drink beyond their capacity and eventually harm the community around them. What would happen if production of alcoholic drinks was stopped? Honestly, it has minimal benefits to its consumers. Despite the economic benefits for its sellers, it social expense supersedes its advantages. So, a closure in the production of alcohol eliminates the problem. No alcohol, no drunkards, no alcoholism.

Six Logical Reasons for my Solution

            The solution is practical in various aspects as listed below.

  1. No alcohol eliminates the temptation.
  2. These people do not get addicted to alcohol.
  3. They resolve their additions and problems by focusing their energy on productive or less harmful activities.
  4. Forth, the society will not face the harm contributed by alcoholism.
  5. Alternatively, the government does not spend assets in solving the problem.
  6. Finally, there are fewer reports of accidents caused by drunken driving.

Response to Opposition Argument

            Stop the production of alcohol. That is economically illogical. The brewing industry pays substantial amounts in taxes which provide revenues to provide other social amenities. It also means that a significant population becomes unemployed thus increasing dependency and poverty levels. Besides, not all alcohol consumers are alcoholics.


            Alcoholism has been a recurring issue in the society. It has introduced significant harm ranging from physical pain to spending resources in rehabilitation. Alternative solutions should prevent instead of cure alcoholism.  

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