Cerebral Vascular Accident Essay

Essay QuestionA cerebral vascular accident is a disease defined as a sudden neurological deficit due to a vascular cause. The deficit must last for longer than 24 hours and is of sudden onset. There are two main types, ischaemic and haemorrhagic. Patients commonly present with loss of sensory and/or motor function including; hemiparesis, changes in vision, gait, speech or ability to understand.  Some patients present with a sudden severe headache (Kelly, 2017).

In relation to the statement above construct your essay covering the following topics –

  • Discuss the prevalence, mortality and burden of CVA in Australia: Provide meaningful statistics that paint a picture about this disease. Make sure you look at different populations within the greater population Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander persons.
  • Identify the characteristics of people with CVA in Australia including:

The socio-demographic characteristics – who is most at risk – do not rehash cultural group information here but focus on other health related diseases that increase the risk of CVA.  Look at co-morbidities in this section.Level of disability – What are the different levels of disability that can present in persons living with the side effects of a CVA.

Evaluate the impact of CVA on the individual and the health care system. Explore the economic cost of CVA to the Australian health care system.  Explore the personal cost of CVA to the individuals and their immediate network.

  • Describe the role of the nurse in CVA assessment. Explore the role of the nurse when assessing a patient for CVA.  What role do they hold?  What is the education surrounding this.  Do not just focus on education in this section!
  • Discuss three (3) health and aged care services available to patients living with CVA. Identify three services that are available and explore their function.  How do they help to support the patient living post CVA?
  • Discuss three (3) support services available for carers of patients living with CVA. Identify three services and explore how the carer of a patient living with CVA can be supported to continue to care for a loved one post CVA.

The word count for this essay is 2000 words (+/-10% as per SNM policy).