Censorship in Relation to Art and Media

Censorship in Relation to Art and Media

Discuss censorship in relation to art/film and media born from trauma. How has censorship been used as a form of silencing and/or cultural regeneration and reclamation? Please illustrate you argument with at least one case study.Traumatic experiences for an individual are the immediate response to significantly distressing and disturbing events. As described by Onderko trauma  has the ability to skewer the individuals ability to cope, make them feel helpless and destroys their senses. Individuals can face a traumatic event point of time in their lives. As James et al stress on that statement that mist individuals face or experience a traumatic event at least once in their lives. A trauma can have long-lasting and withstanding effects on a person. IN a baseline principle Trauma in any manner is seriously considered devastating for a person and effects different people in different manners although in actuality it isn’t that easy to define as it is more complex than on the outlook.  As Onderko describe trauma is defined by the experience of the survivor and has two major levels of classification in psychology. The small t trauma which signifies trauma where one’s body or life isn’t threatened for example relationship events like divorce new job or personal conflict and large t trauma where a the experiences cause severe helplessness for example acts of terrorism, sexual assault and natural catastrophe.

Art and films since the period of times have been either excepted or rejected according to the situation and public view of the current time. Most art/films that have heeded the concern from publics or government were almost most necessarily abolished immediately. Most art forms that surrounded the taboo or emotional subjects were considered controversial. Which sadly still exists in the present times. Art forms over the period of time have evolved according to the society and culture of the present times. Trauma born art of films have been considered controversial since a very long time as they depict various mistaking and realism in the forms of their portrayal.


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