Personality and Paraphilic Disorders Controversy

Personality and Paraphilic Disorders Controversy Question for Assignment Controversy Associated with Personality and Paraphilic Disorders. In this Assignment, you will explore personality and paraphilic disorders in greater detail. You will research potentially controversial elements of the diagnosis and/or treatment and explain ethical and legal considerations when working with these disorders. To Prepare Review this week’s …

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Professional Presentation Research Activity

Professional Presentation Research Activity Week 4 Assignment 1 – Professional Presentation Research Activity Use Basic Search: Online peer review articles and Internet to research how to make an authoritative, but concise, PowerPoint presentation.Respond to the following 3 questions: Why is important that you know how to create an effective presentation? What common mistakes do people …

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Leadership Positions in Criminal Justice

Leadership Positions in Criminal Justice 1) Discuss the three leadership positions (supervisors, managers, and administrators) in criminal justice agencies. Include specific examples of each leadership position’s roles and responsibilities in your answer. If you had to choose, which position would you like to ultimately hold? Explain your rationale. Your answer must be at least 500 …

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Global Terrorism Research Paper

Global Terrorism Research Paper You will be writing a research paper on 9/11 a domestic terrorist incident in the United States.• Discuss the recruitment and radicalization process of lone wolf terrorists in the domestic United States and abroad using the Internet and social media platforms. • Explain why terrorists focus on soft targets. • Analyze …

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Nursing Leadership: Delegating and Supervising

Nursing Leadership: Delegating and Supervising Assigning, Delegating, Supervising, and Prioritizing Care Competency Integrate leadership and management principles and attributes in nursing practice Scenario You are assigned to six patients on the medical surgical unit working with a LPN/LVN and share a CNA with another RN. You are receiving report for your patients and need to …

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Five Critical Thinking Indicators

Five Critical Thinking Indicators Develop these five critical thinking indicators. 1) Effective communication 2) Logical and Intuitive 3) Thinking ahead 4) Realistic and Practical 5) Confident1. The paper must clearly define five critical thinking indicators. 2. The paper includes a complete and thoughtful explanation of why you chose these indicators. 3. The paper must describe …

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Discussion: Byzantium and Islam

Discussion: Byzantium and Islam Module 5: Discussion: Byzantium and Islam Purpose To compare and contrast Iconography within Medieval Byzantine Empire and early Islam Theme The theme of this module’s discussion board is religion.Readings Please read the following: Ten Commandments download Preview the document Council 754 download Preview the document Shirk in Islam download Preview the …

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Chevrolet Marketing Case Analysis

Chevrolet Marketing Case Analysis CHEVROLET Case Analysis #2   |   MKT 650Case 9 Chevrolet: A Century of Product Innovation* Synopsis: This case examines Chevrolet’s history of product innovation, branding strategy, and successful product mix in connection with its relationship to parent General Motors and its rivalry with Ford. Chevrolet has a long history of success in developing …

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