Case: Implementing Reward Strategy at Digisol

Case Study: Implementing Reward Strategy at Digisol

Jack, Tom and Ed are all former employees of Accenture, a global management consulting and professional services firm that provides strategy, consulting, digital, technology and operations services. They have just started their own digital consulting company called Digisol. Digisol helps small medium-sized organisations design and implement digital technology in the space of marketing, operation and customer service. For the first six months, Jack Tom and Ed have been the only consultants in the company. They have now picked up enough business that they want to add five new consultants to have three different consulting teams. Because Digisol has such a unique niche in the consulting market and is a recent start up, Jack Tom and Ed have come up with five strategic business objectives.

 Expanded client base
 Customer service
 Individual and team productivity
 Employee development
 Overall profit

Based on the strategic business objectives, they feel that it is necessary that they hire consultants with

a) Experience in dealing with various digital platforms
b) Connections to a variety of digital technology companies
c) Sales experience since the new consultant will be responsible for finding and obtaining new clients.

Based upon their past experience at Accenture, Jack, Tom, and Ed know that it will be very difficult not only to attract consultants with this kind of experience but also to retain them. In order to combat these concerns, Jack, Tom and Ed feel that, if they can design and implement a proper reward strategy, they will be able to recruit and retain consultants with the necessary experience.

Based on this information and your knowledge of reward management, how would you recommend that Digisol structure a reward strategy for these new consultants? Please explain why you gave the recommendation that you did. Where relevant, please also explain the kind of rewards/pay you would recommend Jack, Tom and Ed to avoid.

Description of the task

Work in small groups, you will use reward and motivational theories and principles to develop appropriate reward strategies in response to a case study provided to you.

This is an opportunity for you to experience the ‘real world’ context of HRM practice where you will be expected to participate in client or team meetings and presentations via electronic means. This means you’ll have to consider the best way to structure your presentation so that your audience is interested and can follow your main points easily. Target Audience

Your presentation needs to be developed as if your team were delivering to the senior manager of the organisation (your client).  Present to the senior manager as if you were doing so as part of a Skype call during a management meeting.

Presentation Content 

The Presentation should provide an overview of your analyses of the provided case, the proposed reward strategy and your rationales.

Uploading your video to YouTube 

Each group will submit one video only. You will need to use a YouTube account. Please ensure when uploading the video that you select the appropriate option so that the video is undisclosed (not able to be searched by others on YouTube).

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