Carson’s Marginal World Experiences

The marginal world, by  Carson:

  1. Describe how Carson experiences the marginal world between land and sea.
  2. What special meaning does she find there? Explain.
  3. Do you think it is important to experience the natural world apart from civilization? Why or why not?

Lives of a cell: ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

  1. What is Thomas’ view of the earth? Explain.
  2. What does he compare the earth to? Explain.
  3. How does the interconnectedness of all things affect how he sees humans? explain. Do you agree?

Solace of Open Spaces

  1. Describe how Open Spaces provide “solace” to the author?
  2. Describe how at least one person in your group has experienced nature in this way.
  3. Do you think this benefit of nature is important in comparison to what can be taken form the land for sustenance?

The Way to Rainy Mountain

  1. How does the author’s grandmother view nature?
  2. How does Momaday?
  3. Compare Native American views of nature to those of modern Western society

Article on the environment by Anne Scheid

  1. Describe what eco-problem you think is the worst one and hardest to solve.
  2. Explain why it is an important or pressing problem and why is it difficult to solve.  Include technological and cultural issues in your response. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
  3. Do you think reading about environmental problems is helpful? Explain.
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