Canadian Tire company Situation

Canadian Tire company Situation

Conduct research on Canadian Tire company and identify their current situation.  The latest annual report for the company is provided for your use.  Your job is to provide a report addressing the following information:1. Category Management

a. For the purpose of this section (category management) identify one (1) category that the company sells.

b. What type of merchandise does this category represent?

c. Where is the category in its’ life cycle?

d. Develop an assortment plan for the category.  Justify the choices you are making.

 2. Branding Strategies

a. Debate the mix of national brands and private label brands sold by the company.

b. Determine if the company should expand or contract the number of private label brands available.  Justify your decision.

c. Determine the private brand strategy the company is following. Make a recommendation on whether to continue with this strategy or to change to another private brand strategy.  Provide an example and justify the recommendation.3. Pricing Strategies

a. When setting prices, describe how the company takes into account

i) Cost

ii) Demand

iii) Competition

iv) Legal considerations

b. Make two (2) recommendations on how setting prices could change.

c. What price adjustments does the company engage in?

d. Make two (2) recommendation on possible price adjustments.

e. What pricing strategy is the company following?

f. Make one (1) recommendation on changing the pricing strategy used.

g. How does the company currently use pricing (apart from pricing adjustments) to stimulate sales?

h. Make two (2) recommendation on how the company can stimulate sales. These are recommendations you have NOT made before.

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