Canada’s History between 1914-1945

In this task, you will pick one area of Canada’s history between 1914- 1945 to examine in more detail through selecting and analyzing four different primary sources. Possible topics include women’s history, political history, development of Canada’s foreign policy, cultural history (movies, literature, music), immigration history, etc. If you are unsure of your topic, please ask your teacher! ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

The goals of this assignment are as follows.

To allow you another chance to practice your s******s at analyzing primary sources
To develop your ability to compare and contrast primary sources to see how the greater historical context affects how issues are represented (i.e. in times of economic crisis, immigration is viewed more negatively).

Conduct a search for primary sources given the tips in the previous lesson.
Select four sources of interest to you from at least two different time periods (excluding the posters you used for the other assessments); you may choose to focus on any sources you like that tell a story about Canada from this period (1914-1945).
In written format, respond to the following questions (keeping in mind the suggested lengths for each component). This can be in a traditional report, or a PowerPoint or Prezi presentation.
Identify the kinds of sources you selected (newspaper article, image, poster, video, journal entry, etc.)? (1 sentence for each source).
Identify the time period the source is from (1-2 sentences for each source).
What is the purpose and overall message of each source? Please use examples from the sources in your analysis (1 short paragraph for each source).
How does this source add to our knowledge of the topic? What story is it telling? Why is it an important source to help our knowledge of Canadian history?(1 paragraph for each source).
Evaluate continuity and change in your chosen topic by comparing the sources to each other.
What are the main similarities in their messages? (1 paragraph)
What are the differences? (1 paragraph)
How do the differences reflect changes in the overall historical context/time period of what is happening in Canada? (1-2paragraphs)
Why did you choose this topic? Why do you think it is important to learn about it in your study of Canadian history? How do the primary sources you chose add to your understanding of this topic? (1 paragraph)
Please be sure to include your selected sources (images, videos, or screen shots of documents) in your assignment. Under the image, please properly cite where you found the source, as per Chicago style guidelines.
Upload your product to the dropbox “Significant Sources Assessment”. ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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