CA City Workplace Diversity

CA City Workplace Diversity

Task 1:                                                                 CA City department Store areas of diversity policies.

The management of workplace diversity is very critical in ensuring the development and maintenance of business environment that caters for the interests of all people within the organization (Bedi, Lakra, & Gupta, 2014). Therefore, there is a need to establish the areas of organization diversity policies. These areas include age, sexuality and gender diversity, disability, linguistic and cultural diversity and organization resources (Al-Lamki, 2005). Similarly, CA City department store has critical areas such as employees’ diversity to suit sales and product demographics, resources diversity needed in the promotion of the new products and new organization culture which the employees should conform to.

CA City Department Store Diversity Policy Review.

The present CA diversity policies do not match with the company cultural diversity. The equality and diversity at the workplace is not observed and therefore all employees are treated in the same way regarding to disabilities, religious beliefs, language, ethnicity, age and gender. Therefore, the new diversity policies should be focused on training employees to facilitate them to market new range of products both in Europe and Asia.

Impact of CA City Department cultural Diversity on Organization.

The organization cultural diversity can impact an organization positively or negatively (Seyed-Mahmoud, 2004). For the CA City Department Store, the present cultural diversity have positive effects on the organization. For example, the current diversity policies have exposed employees to other different workplace cultures which have been very crucial in enhancing their personal growth. Effective management of the workplace diversity will be the key driver of the positive reinforcement to enable the workers to in promotion of the new range of products. Considering that the department store will be entering in the new markets of Asia and Europe it can improves its diversity by acquiring employees with Asian and European ethnicities.

Diversity Policy that respects the employees.

Commonly, diversity comprises employees’ background, race, education, organizational function, tenure, cognitive style, personality, ethnic group, gender and race (Greenberg, 2015). Therefore, in the implementation of the diversity policies, the management should ensure all these critical aspects have been put into consideration (Algahtani, 2013). The most successful strategy of ensuring comprehensive diversity policies is through engaging all the stakeholders in the formulation and implementation of the diversity policies. The involvement of all employees in the diversity policy can be achieved through education and training programs, non-discriminatory performance appraisal, mentoring programs and outreach programs such as community based recruitments, scholarships and internship programs.  This approach will ensure that all the fundamental diversities of each group of employees have been recognized in the implementation of the policies.

How to provide feedback and suggestions the efficiency of CA Department Store Diversity Policies.

The best way to report results should be by observing the performance of the new diversity policy (Harvey, 2012). This can be reported in in two ways, first, by letting the top management observe the behavior of the employees at the workplace and arrive to the conclusion has been effective. Secondly, the human resource manager can obtain the results from the employees themselves and reporting the same to the top management. The second method seems more appropriate as the employees may exhibit different behavior when they notice they are being observed than when required to provide their opinions and views about the new diversity policy.Task 2:

Understanding Cultural Diversity in the workplace.

Personal culture guides an individual behavior and moral ethics (Hubbard, 2004). On the other side, organization culture entails established norms, values and beliefs that governs how an organization runs it day to day activities (Naff & Kellough, 2003). Therefore, for an individual to suit in the organization culture, the management should establish a culture incorporate personal values. My personal culture entails being professional, that is playing my responsibilities perfectly not to please the top management to execute what I have been employed to do. However, upon interacting with other staff members in my department I have noted that possess extremely different culture.  For example, I noticed that employees like working only during normal working hours. This culture has characterized by the following features;

  • The research culture embraces undertaking tasks and duties only at the time which they have been allocated.
  • Based on this culture people make decisions according to the task ahead of them. The relationship in the workplace are work related and people become emotional when they are requested to work overtime.
  • This culture is good as it strictly observes time which has been scheduled for each task.
  • Bearing in mind this culture is largely time based there is no social rules and boundaries applicable to the genders.
  • The research culture respects power as it is confined only during working hours. Therefore, it observes workplace rules and ethics.
  • The relation of the people and the employers is only limited to the workplace.
  • The culture entails professional and direct communication.
  • Working with people of this culture is awesome. This is because the culture is more professional and thus resulting to efficiency in the workplace.

How to use Recruitment and Selection Policies to achieve great Workplace Diversity Polices.

During recruitment and selection the Human Resource manager should aim at balancing labor market demographics to ensure increased workplace diversity. Pertaining the age of the workers, employees’ distribution is relatively balanced and therefore, the management should observe the same trend during recruitment and selection. On originality of the product in order to give it an equal representation, the company should reduce the Australian made products and increase both Asian and European made products. To achieve this, the company focus on recruiting more employees of European and Asian origins.

Training Need Analysis for the Workplace Diversity Policy.

On analysis of the sales of women’s’ wear, there is a big problem pertaining the purchase of the European and Asian made products. Therefore, there is a need to train the sales people dealing with women’s wear products to embrace the customers of all diversities irrespective of their countries of origin. On the other side, the sales personnel of menswear has embraced the new workplace diversity policy. Therefore, the company management can use menswear manager as role model of women’s wear manager.

How to solve managers’ conflicts.

As a mediator neither menswear manager nor women’s wear manager should win in this scenario (Kwak, 2002). To maintain a neutral position the Human Resource Manager should undertake the women’s wear manager through the training of cross cultural management. On the other side, HR manager should also urge the menswear manager to explain benefits of effective cross-cultural management.

Given that the complaint has risen from the women’s wear manager, the human resource manager should first strive to trace the root cause of the allegations. This should be followed by involving all the parties involved in the allegations to come into conclusive agreement. However, it would be effective to impose punitive measures if some of the parties are found to have violated organizational policies and procedures.

How HR Manager can help CA Department staff to improve business through;


By making sure that all products are given equal opportunity for all customers irrespective of the origin of the products or the background of the customers.


Services should be provided equally to all the customers either Australians, Asians or Europeans.

Customer Relations.

Effective and non-discriminatory customer relationship should be maintained for all customers.

CA Department Stores Process of managing Harassment allegations.

The first step entails making the compliant by letting the offender know that the behavior is offensive (CA City Retail Group , 2012). If the offender do not change then the offended can communicate the same to his or her supervisor. If the issue is not resolved the offended individual can seek support from another senior manager. Upon receiving complains, manager should take the appropriate courses of actions and commence the process of investigating the complaint.  If the offender is found guilty then the possible outcomes should be applied accordingly to reinforce the offender to conform the desired behavior of the organization.

In case of workplace discrimination or harassment for example direct or indirect discrimination or workplace bullying the employees should report the same to the immediate manager. Alternatively, where the manager is involved in inappropriate behavior the employee should report to the senior management for appropriate measures to be undertaken. Task 3:

How enhance organization workforce diversity to improve company’s reputation through;

Internal forums

Management is the crucial internal forum that can be used to promote workforce diversity in order to build company reputation. To achieve this, the company can adopt three aspects that include communication, actions and accountability. Communication should be maintained throughout workplace diversity policies. Management should be actively seen involved in the workplace diversity. Finally, management should be accountable to the results of workplace diversity.

External Forums

Company customers forms the best external forum to promote workforce diversity (Mundy, 2015). The treatment of all customers equally irrespective of their origin will send a message to the public that the company embraces diversity in the workplace.

How workforce diversity promote products and services.

Workforce diversity facilitates harmonious co-existence of the employees of diverse cultures (Saxena, 2014). On the other side, good diversity policies have some other benefits such as broad service range, increased adaptability, variety of opinions and viewpoints and effective execution of the tasks. This will make the marketing of the company’s new products easier. Alternatively, to reach the consumers of all age brackets the company should consider adopting age diversity while acquiring new products to the anticipated new target markets. Both ethnicity and age diversities will be competitive advantages compared to international players in the same markets.

How to continue supporting company workplace diversity.

The human resource manager can continue supporting the organization to value workplace diversity by always adhering to the diversity vision and goals. This will be a good example for other employees to emulate. Again, encouragement of fairness within the organization and treating other people how they wish to be treated will be a true indication that the organization should continue valuing workforce diversity. Show interest of learning other people’s cultures, races and ethnicities to portray that the human resource manager values the diversity exhibited by different employees within the organization.

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