Business Venture New Report

Business Venture New Report

1. Plagiarism in all forms is forbidden. Students who submit plagiarized assignment will be penalized.
2. Statements with citations and followed by references written in acceptable format is considered as part of good answer.
3. Answer all questions in English (APA Format) .Question 1
a. Relate, explain and justify how and why a positive entrepreneurial process of a manager in a conglomerate company will be part and partial component that contributed to a successful business for its new subsidiary. [1250 words] [25 marks]

b. “Through the right entrepreneurial process of managers in a multinational corporation (MNC) will spark more business opportunities and such an MNC has a ready skilled intrapreneurs (managers) who can analyze and evaluating those opportunities”. Elaborate the statement with supportive evidence. [1250 words][25 marks]

Question 2
a. Good business plan usually will go in line with the market orientation that will be obtained through the market intelligent. Discussed further some criteria of good business plan. [1250 words][25 marks]

b. The establishment of strong New Venture Team should be considered in preparing the business plan for start-up business. Describe the characteristic of New Venture Team that may navigate new business successfully. [1250 words][25 marks]

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