Business to Business Marketing Case Study

Case Study Analysis 

a. Discuss the differences between business to business marketing and consumer based marketing
b. Evaluate the characteristics of business to business markets, including market structure and demand, the nature of the buying unit and the decision process ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
c. Develop strategies and tactics for business to business markets based on marketing mix specifications relevant to industry
d. Analyse the business marketing strategies applicable in global markets
e. Apply a range of analytical skills through the interpretation of data and information to solve business to business issues.

Assessment Task Description
The assignment attempts to evaluate the student’s ability to critically analyse case studies in Business to Business (B2B) marketing. The second goal of this assignment is to assess the student’s ability to use business to business marketing theory and write cohesively based on critical thinking.
Assignment details
This is a group assignment of two students. Each case study comprises of 2 questions and students should answer every question. The format of this assignment is Questions and Answers (Q & A). Therefore, students are not expected to provide answers in report or any other similar formats. The word limit for this assignment is 2000 words with 10% margin of flexibility.
Tips and instructions for successful assignment submission
1. You are not required to reproduce the case study in your submission, however, you are expected to mention the question and question number on your assignment
2. Focus on academic writing style and coherence of your arguments
3. Use relevant academic theory to support your analysis and arguments ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
4. Use multiple sources to avoid over-dependence on a single source (usually the pre-scribed text)
5. Select a case study from an area in B2B marketing you are comfortable/passionate or can relate better.

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