Business Management: Intractable Conflict.

Business Management: Intractable Conflict.

In Chapter 30, page 708, Peter T. Coleman, discusses “Intractable Conflict.” Your assignment is to select an intractable conflict and write about it. It can be any conflict: personal, workplace, business, international.

  1. Describe the situation in detail and explain why you believe this is an intractable conflict considering Coleman’s components.
  2. Also, explain how to deal with this conflict. You may use Coleman’s guidelines, as well as other sources. You may use other articles from the textbook, or other academic articles.

The paper should be typed, double-spaced, and free of typing, grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. You should use the APA citation style. If you are not familiar with it, visit the sources below. Wikipedia should not be used to do the research, and no more than 50% of the sources may be from websites. (not including the online articles from the Library.)

Any websites used must be reliable, such as that of the U.S. State Department, a university webpage, etc.

The paper must include at least five sources and be at least five pages long.

Students will be graded on the basis of a number of factors including thoroughness, accuracy, clarity, correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, and overall presentation.

All assignments will be evaluated by Turn-it-in. The use of any sources without properly citing them will be consider plagiarism, and the paper will be given a score of zero. To cite an article from the textbook, include the title of the article, the author(s) name(s), page, name of the book, editors’ names, and year of publication.

See https://www.clayton.edu/library/citation-style-guides/index (choose one of the citation sources like Purdue Online Writing Lab/ OWL) andhttps://apastyle.apa.org/style-grammar-guidelines/citations/plagiarism

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