Business Issues and Contexts of Human Resources

Business Issues and Contexts of Human Resources

Assignment point 1

An analysis of some of the key forces which shape the HR agenda.  E.g. models of the HR function, HR strategies, insights and solutions to support business performance, business ethics and accountability.

Give some specific example. refer back to organization examples to make the examples clear.

Forces can be things globalization, the rise of gen y, flexible working expectation, change in demographics.

Assignment point 2

Compare at lest 3 different tools for analyzing the business environment.

Explain the purposes of the different tools, in your comparison explain how you would use tools in comparison to another.Assignment point 3

Assess at lest 4 different factors which impact on an organization business and its HR function . you should include example of external and internal factors to illustrate the different type of impact.

Again , use some example , ensure that you make it clear which are internal and which was external factors.

Ensure that you don’t repeat any externals from q 1.

Assignment point 4

Summaries the key stages in strategy formulation and implementation with reference to a model from the literature .

You should also refer to the role of HR in each of the stages and in particular , highlight HRs contribution to business ethics and accountability.

Here you must show that you understand what strategy is, how it development , what HR does in the development of strategy and why ethics is relevant.

Assignment point 5

Give some example of how business performance can be evaluated , making reference to at least 3 type of indicators. You should make particular reference to the role of HR in business planning and change management with some examples to illustrate HRs key role.

How is performance evaluated ? ensure that you are referring back to change , and that you are explaining HRs role in the process.   Assignment point 6

Explain how at least 4 different sources of business and contextual data can be assessed and utilized for planning purposes.

What business data you need, how do you get it and how do you use it?

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