Business Consultancy Project Course Work 1

Business Consultancy Project Course Work 1

Component 1 Assessment Guidelines You will carry out a situational analysis of the organisation/issue as a starting point for the project.

The situational analysis may comprise of tables, diagrams etc. and overall will constitute 1000 words Diagrams and charts are regarded as equivalent to the number of words otherwise occupying that space (therefore a one page diagram is c. 300 words, one and half-page c.200 words).   A suggested template is as follows:  1500 words,

 SUMMARY:  Of the company, its key details (location, vision, etc.)   ANALYSIS  Three or more appropriate analysis tools chosen and used, for external and internal analysis. You should briefly justify your choice of tools.

IDEAS FOR ACTION  This section should build on your analysis to make some recommendations of ideas to be developed.

CONCLUSION  Brief summary of what has been covered and next steps.

The Situational Analysis,¬† will be marked using a rubric as a guide.¬† The mark for this work is pass or fail so you must achieve a mark of at least ‚Äč40%‚Äč for this work.¬† This situational analysis is the foundation for your report and presentation.¬† It is worth putting work in at the beginning of the process as it will pay off.¬†EXCEPTIONAL

The work is creative and illustrates a thoroughly in-depth understanding of content as well as issues and problems.  The work shows an exceptional, critical engagement with complex ideas and concepts. There is an outstanding appreciation of all of the relevant competing perspectives.  The work shows an exceptional level of evaluation and illustrates incisive conclusions based on that evaluation. The work is exceptional in that it is logically presented and error-free. The work is communicated with an exceptional degree of authority that comes close to that expected of a professional in the discipline.

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