Business: Acquatech–Water Industry Analysis

Business: Acquatech – Water Industry ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW
We design, produce and supply low cost technology to disinfect and treat water to produce clean clear water for commercial (factory, manufacturing, etc.) and civil applications (potable water for homes). We create safe, economical and versatile products that offer an alternative to traditional chemical dosing. We service residential, industrial and commercial customers and our offerings have a wide range of applications from ground water to salt water and even waste water. We are Australia’s leading company in this space and pride ourselves on our innovation and processes that ensure optimal quality control, quality client service and exceptional after sales support.
We are a family-based business established 30 years ago and are proudly Australian owned and operated. We employ about 70 employees and export to more than 45 countries worldwide. Our core strengths lie in Research & Development and Manufacturing – we spend a lot of time researching, trialling, testing and learning from our failures; we maintain close contact with our customers to ensure that product development fits market demand. It is very important that we maintain a culture of innovation through leadership, continuous education and improvements. While we think we are being proactive and strategic in creating the right innovation culture, we are looking at new ways by which we could enhance our innovation and productivity by increasing the diversity within our workforce.
Business issue: How can the organisation increase the diversity within its workforce so it contributes to an enhanced culture and innovation outputs? ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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