Bus5kms-Knowledge Management Systems

 Case Study: Key Ingredients to the Success of an Organization’s Knowledge Management Strategy by Jay Liebowitz ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

Using the case study allocated to you, critically discuss ONE KM ASPECT in the case study/organisation that relate to KM tools and KM techniques, KM models and KM processes, organisational learning and learning organisation, knowledge sharing and trust, communities of practice, applying knowledge for innovation, new knowledge creation, KM and organisational culture, KM governance, and organisational memory. Discuss the outcomes of the implementation and compare this against the KM theories discussed in the lectures and tutorials. Evaluation will be based on your argument, completeness, appropriateness, justification and critical analysis.
Note that your grade will also depend on how professionally your paper has been structured, formatted and presented. An abstract of 150 words should be included.
Submission requirements
• The report will comprise:
i. a brief introduction
ii. a review of relevant literature on the theme you have selected
iii. a review of the KMS
iv. a critical discussion
v. a conclusion and
vi. a list of references
• The report should be 2000 words (word-processed in 1.5 spacing, 12-point, Times New
• All quoted material should be fully cited APA 6th. or Harvard style
• All ideas from other authors should be fully cited using APA 6th. or Harvard style
• Assignments that do not conform to all requirements will be awarded a mark of zero.
• Assignments not received by the due date will not be marked, except in exceptional circumstances where approval has been received prior to the due date from the subject coordinator.
• Accuracy in spelling, syntax, citation and referencing is strictly essential ORDER YOUR PAPER NOW

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