BUS205 Research Skills and Practices

BUS205 Research Skills and Practices

This subject will develop research methodology skills essential for completing research projects and for making quality business decisions. Students will learn the necessary skills and practical tools to undertake and complete the research process of collection, analysis, interpretation and presentation of research.Unit Learning Outcomes

  1. Compare, contrast and apply quantitative and qualitative research methodologies.
  2. Evaluate and apply data collection methods typically used in social research.
  3. Undertake a literature review using a range of source materials, and exercise critical thinking and judgement in the categorisation of the results and giving justice to the validity of the material.
  4. Present clear and coherent statistical and graphical data analysis.
  5. Evaluate scholarly and professional resources, research proposals and reports.
  6. Examine the differences between academic and industry/business research approaches.
  7. Appraise the role of ethics in research practice.

Assessment Summary

Students must attempt all assessments to qualify to pass the subject.

Assessment Type Weighting Due Learning Outcomes

Learning Portfolio

5000 words (+/-10%)






(see schedule below)

 a, b, c, d, e, f, g


Items included in the Learning Portfolio focus on authentic assessments that replicate activities performed by real world managers to evaluate research skills and engagement.

Prescribed learning resource (textbook):

Zikmund, W.G. & Quinlan, C., Griffin, M., Babin, B., & Carr, J. (2019). Business research methods. South Melbourne, Vic: Cengage.

BUS205 Assessment Brief

Subject Code and Name BUS205 Research Skills and Practices
Assessment Assessment 1: Presentation (TripAdvisor analysis)
Individual/Group Individual
Length Presentation: 3 slides, 3 minutes.
Learning Outcomes d) Present clear and coherent statistical and graphical data analysis.
Weighting 30%
Total Marks 100 marks


As a future leader of your industry, it is important to understand the customer experience. Understanding the customer experience is an important part of your ongoing responsibilities as a future leader. For the purposes of this authentic assessment, you are the manager of a hotel property, doing customer experience research.


  • Choose a hotel property and assume that you manage that property.
  •   Visit the TripAdvisor site at https://www.tripadvisor.com.au/
  •  Search for recent reviews about your chosen property.
  • Evaluate twenty (20) recent customer experience reviews.
  • Identify key themes in customer feedback about their positive and negative experiences to summarise what you have learned from customers. At least one (1) of these themes must provide opportunities to improve customer service.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint slide presentation with a maximum of three (3) slides to summarise these key themes.
  • Include a summary chart of customer experience scores based on your chosen themes from the twenty (20) reviews.
  • Deliver your slide presentation in three (3) minutes.
  • The first slide (cover sheet) and last slide (references) are additional to the three (3) slides = five (5) slides total. All 5 slides should be submitted to Turnitin. The cover sheet and reference slides (first and last) should not be shown during the in-class presentation.

Submission Instructions: 

  1. Submit your slide presentation to Turnitin on the due date listed above.
  2. Deliver your slide presentation in Week 5 (as scheduled by your lecturer).
  3. A school assessment cover sheet to be attached to your Turnitin submission.
  4. See marking rubric below. You do not need to attach this rubric to your submissions.
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