BUS110: Introduction to Business Studies

BUS110: Introduction to Business Studies

Question 1: (25 marks) 250 words

A. Natalie is a human resources manager at a large legal services company. She must decide how many new employees her company will need to fill vacant positions in the near future. In this scenario, what type of activity is Natalie is engaging in. (7 marks)

B. Define human relations and explain its role in business. (8 marks)

C. How do managers motivate employees during economic fluctuation? (10 marks)Question 2: (25 marks) 250 words

You are a new employee just hired with ABC Inc. your supervisor has explained your job to you and has indicated that you will have a great deal of control over your job once you develop your skills and improve yourself. He compliments your history of accepting responsibility and suggest that you are to feel free to offer constructive criticism about the way your job.

A. Identify and define the type of theory ABC manager is applying in dealing with his employees. (7 marks)

B. Explain with examples the assumptions of the identified theory type in part A. (18 marks)

 Question 3: (25 marks) 300 words

A. Imagine you are a HRM manager and asked to do a job analysis for a job title at your company, choose any job title you know or hear about and make a job description and job specification. 10 marks

B. Discuss and explain in your own words with relevant examples the “Marketing concept” 15 marks  Question 4: (25 marks) 300 words

A. Apply the marketing mix (4 Ps) to any company/product you wish to sell in the market. 20 marks

B. What accounts are on the balance sheet? What is format of balance sheet? 5 marks

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