Building Life Cycle Maintenance

Building Life Cycle Maintenance

Question 1

What is the role and objectives of a Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP)in an organisation?

Please discuss the different types of plans that form part of the SAMP together with the management strategies and data sources that organisations use to manage their building maintenance and operations.Question 2 

Please consider a one-hundred-year-old disused bank building of solid masonry construction, stone-clad facade with Doric columns and pediment, all under a pitched corrugated metal roof with parapet walls, box gutters, timber windows and doors.

Following a condition inspection, the building is reported to be in very poor condition with no evidence of any maintenance being carried out for the last five (5) years.

It has been identified for a significant retrofit and re-use as a ground floor restaurant and first and second floor offices. The site currently has heritage listing.

A) Describe what issues should be considered that will make the project costlier than if the building was replaced totally.

B) What constraints could the heritage listing impose on the development design?

Please illustrate for the report with relevant diagrams, maps, photographs etc.

2,000 words as a Min

Calibri 14 for all headings and Calibri 12 for main written contents

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