BTX3110 International Trade Law

BTX3110 International Trade Law

Task Components and Due Dates:

  • PART A Trade Dispute Analysis Presentation: A 5 minute multimedia presentation Due 11.59pm, 20 April (Worth 15%)
  • PART B Reflection: A reflection of 300 words

TopicAustralia has a number of outstanding trade-related disputes with its trading partners.  These include:

o A dispute with India over subsidies to Indian sugar producers;

o A dispute with certain Canadian provinces alleging discrimination against Australian wines because of rules requiring that foreign wines be shelved at the back of stores.

o A dispute with Indonesia regarding Australia’s decision to impose additional (anti-dumping) import duties on Indonesian A4 paper imports into Australia.

Instructions Part A: Trade Dispute Analysis Presentation

Pick one of the three ongoing disputes referred to above and prepare a presentation and a reflection on the case study that you have chosen.

A good starting point for your research is the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade website providing updates on Australia’s involvement in WTO dispute settlement procedures:


Your presentation must include a reference list. This can be embedded in your presentation or submitted as a separate document. Please ensure your name and title of your presentation are included on the list.The presentation (5-minute multimedia) should address

1. What are the facts around the dispute? (This should only take one slide and not more than 1-2 minutes.) What is the main or central issue in the dispute? Has the dispute been formalised as a complaint lodged with the WTO?

2. What ‘international trade laws’ are relevant to the dispute and what are the parties’ main claims, or likely claims, under these laws. (If there may many claims, identify and focus on the most central claim).

3. Whose interests are implicated in this dispute? Are there any stakeholders, groups or community interests that are not considered in the dispute?

4. How do you think the dispute will be determined? What do you think the impact will be on the ‘winner’, the ‘loser’ or anyone else? If there has been a decision, identify who was successful and analyse who and what was won and lost. Can you see any broader implications of the case? (For example, how will it affect future relations between those involved, other parties or broader issues).Instructions Part B: Individual reflection (300 words, excluding any references)

1. Drawing on your learning experience and considering the materials and literature your research led you to, reflect on how your understanding of the issues raised in questions 3 and 4 of PART A above has developed or changed.

Where appropriate, your reflection should include a reference list. However, you are not expected to go beyond the materials you researched and included in your presentation.

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