BSB30115 Certificate III In Business

BSB30115 Certificate III In Business

Assessment 2 Part A – ProjectUsing a computer, demonstrate your knowledge and skills by designing two separate posters for use within your workplace. The posters should adhere to company style and be consistent with logo, font and colour scheme.

  1. For use in the office environment or printer room: a poster explaining your company’s policy and guidelines on resource conservation and management.
  2. For use in the reception area: a poster instructing visitors of your company’s procedure on accepting visitors, for example, signing in, reporting to a reception desk, wearing a pass etc.

You need to keep in mind your intended audience and adjust your language and style accordingly using the following criteria f Communication skills f Literacy skills f Numeracy skills f Problem-solving skills f Company style f Formatting style f Organisational systems f Rules and conventions of written English.Assessment 2 Part B – Written Assessment and Project

  1. Identify a hazard in your workplace or a workplace that you are familiar with. Produce a written WHS communication (less than one page) for the possible cause/s of the hazard and how it is minimised in the workplace.

Three versions of the communication must be submitted including:

  1. Initial draft (8 marks)
  2. A second draft which shows review (including proofreading), add any additional information (you can discuss any changes you make to the draft with a tutorial trainer). (8 marks)
  3. Final draft with graphics and use of appropriate technology and software  (9 marks)
  4. As part of the communication, write a list of the basic procedures that you should follow for:
    • Ergonomics
    • Minimising overuse syndrome
    • Taking breaks
    • Using software and hardware (8 marks)
    • Answer the following question
  5. What is the purpose of the communication? (2 marks)
  6. What format and means of communication will you use? Why? (8 marks) What are the requirements of the communication?     (3 marks)

  1. What are the logical sequence or categories should you use in this report? Why?         (7 marks
  2. What is the structure and contents of the communication? (5 marks)
  3. How will you review data, information and knowledge according to the structure and contents of the communication?                                         (5 marks)
  1. What communication requirements would you check to ensure all requirements are met? Why?    (10 marks)
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