Brain and Behaviour Assignment

Brain and Behaviour Assignment

In this assignment, you are asked questions about the symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease

(Parkinson’s) and the neurological changes (changes in the brain) that are associated with Parkinson’s. You are also asked to analyse a personal account from an individual with Parkinson’s, entitled “My Parkinson’s Journey”. blankThere are 7 questions in total in this assignment. The questions require you to use different sources of information. You should use your textbook, as this has accessible information about Parkinson’s and the underlying brain changes that occur with the disease. You are required to use the reading “My Parkinson’s Journey”, which is a personal communication provided to Associate Professor Andrea Loftus by a person with Parkinson’s (who is simply referred to as ‘Anon’). Some other readings are provided, but you do not have to use them all to complete this assignment. It depends on which ones you find most useful to help you address the question you are being asked. You are not required to find additional readings to complete this assignment, but if you do use other sources of information you must reference them or you will be investigated for plagiarism.

The marks associated with each question are stated and a summary table of marks is provided at the end of this document.

Question 1 (worth 12 marks)

Describe the fundamental changes in the brain that underlie the symptoms of Parkinson’s.

Question 2 (worth 16 marks)

Name and describe the three main physical symptoms of Parkinson’s that Anon demonstrated prior to his diagnosis. You should provide an example of each symptom from Anon’s account.

Question 3a (worth 18 marks)

Anon had a cognitive assessment and was identified as having two problems related to his cognition. Using examples, describe how these cognitive issues impacted his everyday life.  Question 3b (worth 8 marks)

Suggest four practical strategies (two for attention and two for verbal fluency) that could be used to help Anon with his problems relating to attention and verbal fluency.  These can be strategies you have thought of yourself or can be from a relevant reading.

Question 4 (worth 28 marks)

Anon has a range of difficulties with communication. Describe what these issues are and, using examples from “My Parkinson’s Journey”, how they impact upon his everyday interactions.

Question 5 (worth 34 marks)

Anon describes some psychological and emotional problems which are not direct symptoms of his Parkinson’s, but are instead reactions to the challenges of living with Parkinson’s. Describe these problems and provide examples from “My Parkinson’s Journey”.

Question 6 (worth 20 marks)

Using the journal article “The Psychosocial impact of communication changes in people with Parkinson’s Disease” (provided), suggest some ways in which Anon’s psychological wellbeing could be improved. blankOther marks will be awarded as follows:

Overall English expression (worth 8 marks)

Overall use of resources (worth 4 marks)

Referencing (worth 8 marks)

General Formatting (worth 4 marks)

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