Blockchain and how does it Work

Blockchain and how does it Work

Assignment 1 assesses progress and understanding of lecture material. It will set a moderate task to write an investigation for a closely related research topic – Blockchain.Bitcoin has become a well-known online way to transfer value. The technology used to implement Bitcoin is Blockchain. Blockchain is described as a distributed ledger which has no centralised database at all.

For this assignment, you are to research Blockchain. In this assignment, you will be asked the following questions:

  • what is Blockchain?
  • How does Blockchain work?
  • What are other applications Blockchain can be used for?
  • What is the specific Blockchain application you want to investigate deeper? Why?
  • How does this application use Blockchain?
  • How does Blockchain ensure security?
  • How does Blockchain ensure non-repudiation?
  • What is proof-of-work? What is proof-of-stake?

You should write a report on your findings following the given template, which should be ten pages excluding references. They must be well set out in a logical presentation starting with an overview, then technical details, followed by a conclusion on the possible impact of Blockchain in the near future and associate Blockchain with the material that has been presented in ITEC801.Marking Guidelines
The following criteria will factor in the assessment of this assignment (each criterion is worth 4 marks):
• Clear explanation of the scope of the study
• Critical Analysis of the underlying blockchain technologies
• Language used with appropriate spelling/grammar/punctuation
• Comprehensiveness of research
• innovation / creativity / originality;
Your submission file shall have the name format (Student ID-Name-Assignment1) and the
file shall strictly follow the given template (e.g., font size, table size, figure size, line space,
reference style, headings).


https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Libra_(cryptocurrency) Facebook Libra (around 40
references in the bottom of the page you can investigate further)
https://bibox.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/360021424074-VNT-Chain-VNT- VNT Chain
https://beefledger.io/#what-is Beefledger
https://www.logistics.dhl/content/dam/dhl/global/core/documents/pdf/glo-coreblockchain-trend-report.pdf Blockchain logistics
https://bit.ly/2YXsy4t Security Tokens
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stablecoin Stablecoin
http://tiny.cc/m3kcbz Smartcontract
https://www.arihovi.com/?kurssi=database-integration-using-blockchain Blockchain data
https://www.redbellyblockchain.io Redbelly blockchain
https://www.redbellyblockchain.io Lygon
https://www.hyperledger.org Hyperledger

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