Blackrocks-Craft Brewing-Case Study

Blackrocks-Craft Brewing-Case Study

Let’s meet the employees of Blackrocks. The owners, the Ambassador of Fermentology and Brewsician – Andy Langlois and David Manson were two, but there were also characters like the Wizard of Ales, the Monk of LaMash, the Gangster of the Great White North, and the Friend of Woodland Creatures Everywhere (the longest name of any employee in the business). Blackrocks, the company, liked to enjoy life, have fun, and at the same time make money. The general attitude the business presented was pure Adam Smith “laissez faire,” anything goes. Formal titles were few, but fun titles abound. At the same time, it was a real business with concern about sales, cost controls, growth, and serving customer needs.

Andy and David expressed concerns about the future demand for craft beer and beer in general. Craft beer in the U.S. represented 7.5 percent of beer by volume and 9.1 percent by revenue. Would the demand for craft beer crash or begin to fall off? (Remember, the demand for pop in the U.S. declined in the last 10 years.) Would the overall interest in craft beer begin to wane? These were unknowns. They also expressed concern whether the demand for onsite beer would decline. Should they develop bottled beer for resale through wholesalers to retail outlets? The policy of Blackrocks had been to stress variety. Each week new and different flavors of beer were created. Since opening in December 2010, they brewed over 150 different beers. Some beer rotated on a semi-regular basis, but the majority was new every week. They had not established a “brand” that represented the brewer, “Blackrocks.”Samuel Adams, for example, had created “Samuel Adams Boston Lager,” which supported a variety of other beer. Could Blackrocks create a brand that would sell over the counter? Did they need a beer that represented the brewer, “Blackrocks”? Was their business model sound? What issues should Andy and David focus on? Answers to these and other questions were constantly on their minds.


Examine the fundamentals of the manager/employee relationship, such as motivation, performance, and leadership through their (student) response to various situations.


Read the above case study and prepare the necessary documents as explained below.

Read the above case study and prepare the necessary documents as explained below. You have recently been hired at Blackrocks as a consultant in Organizational Effectiveness. Submit a report to the CEOs of Blackrocks detailing the effect of motivation within their organization. Consider the role that motivation has on employee effectiveness and evaluate the impact of Performance Appraisals on motivation in the workplace. Create leadership programs that implement motivation theories that have been found to be effective in the organization. Your report will include the following: 1. Introduction to your findings.

2. Detail how motivation has affected employee effectiveness with the use of self-assessments.

3. Evaluate the impact of Performance Appraisals on motivation.

4. Using the information from the Performance Appraisals, identify professional development opportunities (i.e.; workshops, guest speakers) that implement motivational theories that have been effective in the organization.

5. How would you know if the leadership programs were effective?

6. Conclusion.

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